PVD materials, Sputtering targets

PVD materials, Sputtering targets

Nova Fabrica offers a wide range of PVD materials including ceramic and metallic sputtering targets in planar and cylindrical shape, tablets and granules for EB and thermal evaporation. Please contact us with your material requirements and we will be in touch with you with our best proposal. The most popular target materials Nova Fabrica Ltd. offer are listed below.

Cylindrical targets Planar targets Evaporation materials
Cylindrical sputtering targets Planar sputtering targets Granules, tablets, wire, etc. for evaporation

Indium ingots for sputtering target bonding

Nova Fabrica supply Indium ingots of 99.99% and 99.995% purity for sputtering target bonding.

Sputtering target bonding service

Nova Fabrica can bond sputtering targets to simple and complex geometry back plates made of Copper (Cu) or Molybdenum (Mo).

Backing plates and tubes for sputtering targets

Nova Fabrica supply backing plates and tubes of different geometries for bonding planar and cylindrical sputtering targets. Backing plates and tubes can be manufactured from Copper (Cu), Molybdenum (Mo), Stainless steel (SS), etc.


Nova Fabrica's top priorities are product quality, service and reliable supply.

Scope of supply

Sputtering targets and evaporation materials of all shapes and sizes. Target bonding. Backing plates and tubes. Bespoke/customized products and services.