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Valued proposition - Industry 4.0 aligned, robust and flexible critical subsystems: highly engineered inside, yet simple and clear to the user

Product excellence aspects:

Geared to provide custom designs quickly
Design for 24/7 operation
Products Highly Engineered inside, yet Simple and Clear to the user
Products self-diagnose
Products self-calibrate
Products communicate over PROFINET, EtherCAT and Modbus/TCP
Products have own web-sites where users can upload updates, and more.

Operational excellence aspects:

Automated software deployment and updating
Automated calibration & burn-in and
Automated quality testing
Automated documentation set assembly
Automated R&D process


Nova Fabrica focus on providing solutions that enable production yield optimisation, energy efficiency, enhanced QA and environmental friendliness through advanced processing, characterisation, monitoring, control and automation.



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